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A man discussing his hearing test with a hearing professional

If you’re like most, you’ve most likely been delaying your hearing test. You may even have had others propose that you get one but you keep finding reasons not to go.

If so, we’re going to attempt to persuade you to start the new year by finally getting that hearing test. As you’ll see, getting a hearing test is fast and easy, and if you do have hearing loss, addressing it does wonders for your health and happiness—not to mention it gets everyone off your back.

So here’s our case for why you should arrange for a hearing test right away.

Our top 10 reasons to get your hearing tested are:

1. The hearing test is pain-free and takes under an hour – it’s easy to set up an appointment, and getting your hearing tested takes less time than it takes to go shopping for groceries. As opposed to having it continually in the back of your mind, call today and get it over with.

2. If your hearing is normal you can rub it in – if the hearing test verifies that your hearing is normal, you can tell your family members and friends that they really ARE mumbling.

3. You might, in fact, have hearing loss and not recognize it – hearing loss develops slowly, so the person impacted is in most cases not the first to notice. That means there’s a good chance your family and friends were correct when they suggested that you get a hearing test in the first place.

4. Hearing loss becomes worse over time and is best treated early – the hearing you lose cannot be completely restored, but hearing aids can help reverse the process and stimulate the parts of the brain involved with speech and sound processing.

5. Hearing loss may be an indicator of other health issues – hearing loss is ordinarily caused by direct exposure to loud noise or by the normal aging process. But occasionally, hearing loss is a manifestation of a more serious underlying cardiovascular or neurological condition. In either case, your hearing health is deeply connected to your total well-being.

6. You can preserve and enhance your mind and memory – recent studies by Johns Hopkins University have linked hearing loss to cognitive decline, memory problems, and even dementia. But a recent study has also revealed that maximizing sound stimulation to the brain may help to keep your mind sharp.

7. You can boost your mood – researchers have discovered a strong link between hearing loss and depression, but research also demonstrates that individuals with hearing loss that use hearing aids have less depressive symptoms and greater social engagement.

8. You’ll be more outgoing and social – If you do have hearing loss and can be helped by hearing aids, you might experience a change in your social behavior. Individuals with better hearing have the tendency to be more extroverted and less restrained in groups, which improves both mood and physical health.

9. You’ll have much better conversations – hearing loss normally affects speech comprehension the most, interfering with conversations. If you’re fed up with having to say “what” all the time, it might be time for a hearing test.

10. You can earn more money – a study by the Better Hearing Institute discovered that those with hearing loss, on average, earn $12,000 less per year when compared with those with normal hearing, depending on the degree of hearing loss. However, the study also found that the use of hearing aids canceled out these income effects by 50 percent.

As the research continues to pour in, it will only confirm how fundamental hearing health is to our total quality of life. So if you care about your health, your relationships, and your overall well-being, now is the time to take action.

So how about it? For the benefit of your health and happiness and for those around you, set up your hearing test today!

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