Additional Services

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Custom Earmolds

We offer custom earmolds for non amplified use as well as for hearing protection. Our most popular are the custom swim molds and custom molds for use with iPod and cell phones. We also make earpieces for pilots, stethoscopes, race car driver sets, anesthesiologists, and TV communication earpieces. Hearing protection for recreation and work including molds for musicians, dentists, snoring, recording engineers, sound crews, industrial workers, and dance club employees can also be custom made. Molds for hearing protection include ER-9, ER-15, ER – 25, Sonic II, and Hearsavers. Call our office for an appointment for impressions for custom molds. I use custom molds with my iPod and even I was surprised at how much more comfortable the custom molds are than the earbuds that came with the iPod.

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Diagnostic testing

Our goal at The Audiology Center is the diagnosis, education and treatment of hearing loss using the most up to date techniques and technology. We provide diagnostic testing with the use of pure tone air, bone, and speech audiometry and acoustic imminence testing using acoustic reflexes, tympanometry and static compliance. Distortion product otoacoustic emissions are used to test the integrity of the outer hair cells of the inner ear and allows us an estimate of hearing in our clients. Video otoscopy allows us, as well as the client, to visualize the tympanic membrane and the outer ear canal on a TV screen. This provides an excellent source for educating clients in hearing and hearing loss.

Hearing aid sales

We are also proud to fit a variety of hearing aids with the most advanced technology and the newest styles. We fit all levels of technology from the basic digital hearing aid to the most sophisticated circuit. Our goal in fitting hearing aid is to get the right technology for each person’s needs and budget. We will explain all options available and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Together we determine the hearing aid that is best for you.

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Assistive listening devices

Education about the use of other assistive listening devices is also a part of our education program. For some hearing impaired individuals, the use of hearing aids may not be needed or may not be an option for medical or financial reasons. We can look at individual needs and offer assistance for specific needs such as telephone amplification for home phones and cell phones, different TV amplification systems, and alerting systems for persons with no useable hearing. We are also able to provide specific needs such as amplified stethoscopes.

Consultation to assisted living centers

Services to many of the area nursing homes and assisted living facilities are provided on a monthly basis. Some facilities are scheduled for the same day each month (such as the first Thursday each month) while some facilities are served on an as needed basis.

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