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According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Hearing (NIOSH), approximately 30 million industrial workers are exposed to high levels of noise in the work place. Your company may fall under the OSHA requirements mandating a hearing conservation program for your employees. The Audiology Center offers all required components of an effective hearing conservation program. Our program includes noise monitoring, employee training (education), hearing tests (via mobile unit), hearing protection (if provided), and up to date record keeping (hearing conservation notebook). We are able to provide any or all of these components of an effective hearing conservation program that you may need.

All hearing conservation programs are supervised by a doctoral level audiologist and we have three Occupational Hearing Conservationists on staff. All technicians are CAOHC certified and our audiologist is CAOHC certified course director. All employees are trained to provide industrial hearing testing in the office and on job sites. Our technicians can also provide OSHA safety education in hearing loss prevention and are capable of performing noise studies.

We are equipped with two mobile trailers for onsite testing. Our larger trailer that was custom built in December, 2007, is a 30 foot mobile trailer with two testing rooms equipped with a sound booth in each. Tables with individual work stations are used for employees to fill out information as well as watch our educational videos. Below are some pictures of our large on site testing trailer.

Our newer trailer is a smaller 15 foot trailer that was custom built in December, 2008. This mobile unit is used for smaller companies and is equipped with a single sound booth. Two work stations are also built in for employees to fill out paper work and for education.

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By using microprocessors, we have the capability of doing automatic or manual testing. Our laptop computers allow us to store data on site as well as for transfer of data to the office for processing. Our newest addition is the use of video otoscopy for ear canal inspections. This allows us to store pictures of abnormalities for further review.

1 Booth Trailer

2 Booth Trailer

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