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Hearing Conservation Reports

Documentation and record keeping are key components to a hearing conservation program. Each company (or location) that is tested receives a notebook with reports organized in 5 sections. A sample of reports is shown below. Reports can be customized and the employee notification letter can also be printed in Spanish.
A letter explaining the contents of the notebook as well as details of what follow up is needed is at the front of the notebook.

(OHM Demo – Company letter with recordable shifts)
(OHM Demo – Company letter with no shifts)

Each notebook contains the following information:
Section 1: Summary/Management Reports

Section 2: Individual Hearing Tests

  • Individual Hearing Test (individual results for each person tested) (Click Here)

Section 3: Employee Memo

  • Individual Hearing Evaluation Letter (2 copies are printed for each employee. One copy is signed by the employee and returned to the notebook as documentation that they were notified of the results. The employee retains the second copy for their records) (Click Here)

Section 4: Education

  • Sign in sheet for employees who complete education program (Click Here)

Section 5: Certifications/Equipment Calibration/OSHA Guidelines

  • Audiometric calibration sheets (Click Here)
  • Booth calibration information (Click Here)
  • Certification of CAOHC technicians

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